Julie Clark’s Guestbook

Dustyn Bullard wrote at July 4, 2017:
Hello Julie, I have been a fan of yous since I was a little boy going to airshows with my father in southern Ca. Warbirds in Action 1984-85 at Minter Field in Shafter Ca was the first time I wathced you fly. I was amazed then and still today as I show my children your videos of your flying it takes me right back to my childhood. You took a picture with me next to your airplane and how I wish I still had it to share. I would love to take my kids to watch you fly and relive my childhood days with my father. All the best.
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Jeff Taylor wrote at April 3, 2017:
It was an honor and pleasure meeting you at the new "blue" gas pumps in Texas. Lol :) Blue skies!!
Betsy Stevenson Bazzani wrote at March 11, 2017:
Hi Julie-- At the end of June 1980, my dad John R. Stevenson ("Steve") retired from Hughes Airwest. He told me some time afterwards that you'd flown with him as his co-pilot & how honored he was to have you in the cockpit with him. I know you'll remember him. All the best to you with the hope that someday we can connect.
JudyAnne wrote at November 30, 2016:
Julie, had the pleasure of meeting you during BAFB airshow in the late 80's where I was training for my private....So proud of you, your heart & courage....Thank you for everything you do.
Dave Metcalfe from Smiths Falls, ON, Canada wrote at November 13, 2016:
Saw this tonight & thought you'd have fit right in. Hope all is well by you. Dave https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ez81N-YFGtM
kevin clawson wrote at October 9, 2016:
Thought of you today when I when out to the oakdale airport open house. You promised me a ride in your T-34 as soon as it was finished many years ago. but the spaghetti dinner was followed by a few bottles of cold duck ok a lot of bottles. and thank you for helping me home to the house next door.
John Neumyer wrote at September 30, 2016:
Hi Julie: Greetings from an old shutter bug. It has been a while. I understand you had an encounter with California 's finest earlier today. Enjoy your weekend and be safe.
Jennifer wrote at September 16, 2016:
Hi Julie, Just wanted to say hello to you. My parents use to work for you, Judy Mclane & Ron Mclane.
Dan Lindsey wrote at September 12, 2016:
Hey Julie! We were at NWA for all those years and I never had the opportunity to meet you. Then, at Wings & Wheels, we met. Better late than never! Loved your show and hope to see another one next year. Thank you for the beautiful card and the kind words! I usually sign off to pilots "Keep the blue side up", but I'll have to come up with something else for you! Best regards, Dan Lindsey NWA 1968-2003
Scott Barnard from Manning, IA wrote at September 12, 2016:
Ms. Clark, My adult son and I saw your show yesterday at the Carroll, IA airport Air Show, your plane and your talents are exemplarily!! Great Show! Your comments live through the headset to the audience were spot on and make you a true patriot! We hope that Carroll will do this next year and that you will return to head line the show! Keep up the great flying and spreading the word of how this country needs to be great again!! Scott Barnard
Jeannine Korte' wrote at June 3, 2016:
Hi Julie, You are an inspiration as a pilot and to all the women aviators. The next day when I looked at the photo you signed I noticed a heart pointing to the second seat in your aircraft. If this is an invite I surely accept. Forever Blue Skies!! P.S. We will definitely have a field trip with the first K thru 6 Aerospace Education class.
Russ from McDonald wrote at May 19, 2016:
I know Julie personally and there is no greater patriot!!!! That is the great thing about America we all can have our own opinions just like other parts of our anatomy
Russ from McDonald wrote at May 19, 2016:
I know Julie personally and there is no greater patriot!!!! That is the great thing about America we all can have our own opinions just like other parts of our anatomy
Rick Meidell wrote at April 3, 2016:
At your performance in Riverside April 2, 2016 you said from your plane that "America is in real trouble. " You intimated that the country was falling apart. We needed real patriots, you said. I am disappointed that you would use your platform this way. By any objective measure America, as a whole is better off than most other countries. We are way better off than we were just 7- years ago. While we have problems I venture a guess that America and its freedom and its rule of law was instrumental in your success. In fact, I'm sure of it. Your story would not happen in any other place. America has been good to you. It isn't falling apart for you.Shame on you for perpetuating this myth that America is in some sort of danger. You should speak with the same ideals as Lee Grimwood does in the recording you use in your performances. I am not some crazy anti America type. I am a proud veteran who served in the US Army Medical Corps for 10 years. Our Constitution protects your right to say what you will. I am saddened that you use your microphone to spread the false myth that America is not what she once was. America is great. She could be greater. We have no need to be great again.
Scott C Sayler from T-28C VT-27, A-7E VA-97 NLC, Northwest Airlines wrote at April 2, 2016:
Julie, As a pilot for NWA and now Delta for over 30 years, I've read several articles about your accomplishments including your stunt/airshow flying. I recently came across the feature article in ALPA magazine. I was checking your website to see if your airshow schedule was going to bring you to Colorado. I flew the T-28C Trojan in primary flight training in VT-27 in NAS Corpus Christi back in 1978. I have very fond memories of flying the T-28 and love the photos of your aircraft. What a beauty. I also read the history of the name and paint scheme you have chosen. Very cool! Best wishes to you and congratulations on your upcoming induction into the Minnesota Aviation Hall Of Fame. Fly Safe, Scott Sayler Captain Delta Airlines B-757/767 Evergreen, CO
Jeffrey Converse from Locust Valley, NewYork wrote at March 27, 2016:
Happy Easter, Capt. Clark!, and best wishes as both Riverside and Sun N' Fun approach!
Steve Sigler from NWA wrote at March 16, 2016:
Hi Julie, Just saw your article in the ALPA magazine, March 2016, and wanted to say HI. We flew together once on the good ole Diesel 9. I wasn't really apprehensive at all because your reputation preceded you But as I glanced over at you prior to doing my control check, you said, "Don't worry, you're not going to hit me in the tits." I knew we would get along just fine. Thanks for your leadership and professionalism. Shinny side up!!! Steve, Ret USN, Ret NWA
Bill Roll wrote at March 9, 2016:
Saw your write-up in the ALPA magazine. You cannot be more deserving of your accolades over the years. Praying for your health and safety.
Riverside Municipal Airport from Riverside, CA wrote at January 20, 2016:
Looking forward to having Julie Clark perform at 24th Annual Airshow - April 2, 2016!